8 Paz en el Mundo

  • 8 - Paz en un mundo con sed
  • 3:25pma 4:10pm, septimo hablante, 45 min (traduce Stella)
    Warren Brush: "Permacultura y paz en un mundo con sed"

Topic: As key life-support systems worldwide move closer to the brink of disaster, billions of people worldwide are struggling to meet their basic needs for themselves and their children and which oftentimes results in the rise of violence and oppression. Healthy and clean water is quickly becoming what may be termed as the most significant issue of our time as more and more people around the world are not able to quench their basic life-sustaining thirst with abundant and non-polluted water.  Permaculture around the globe is demonstrating itself to be a key player in solving the root causes of hostility and aggression in these tenuous times through the design and application of creative integrated systems of shelter, water, energy and food that honor diverse ecological, social, cultural and economic needs.  Warren will be sharing stories from around the world of successful peacemaking endeavors that are using permaculture as the foundation of positive and hopeful change in our "thirsty world."


Background: Warren Brush is a certified Permaculture designer and teacher as well as a mentor and storyteller. He has worked for over 25 years in inspiring people of all ages to discover, nurture and express their inherent gifts while living in a sustainable manner.  He is co-founder of Quail Springs Learning Oasis & Permaculture Farm, Sustainable Vocations, Wilderness Youth Project, Trees for Children and his Permaculture design company, True Nature Design.  He works extensively in Permaculture education and sustainable systems design in North America and in Africa as well as in other countries worldwide. He has devoted many years to mentoring youth to inspire and equip them to live in a sustainable manner with integrity and a hopeful outlook.  His mentoring includes working with those who are former child soldiers, orphans, from troubled families and situations as well as those youth from other varied and privileged backgrounds