¿¡Mucho tiempo sin noticias!?

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 30 mar. 2018 3:01 por Stella Ne

Como siempre, lo más liadas estamos, menos tiempo tenemos para escribir boletines y organizar la difusion ...

Pero hay muchas cosas interesantes que están pasando detrás del escenerio!

Aquí hay un resumen de lo que hemos estado haciendo de recién, y de nuestros planes para el futuro cercano.

iPDC Courses in the Canary Islands

We are starting an exciting and unique new series of action-learning iPDCs(integral Permaculture Design Certificate courses) which will take place in the 8thLife EcoVillage project in the Canary Islands, or tandem online.   

It is a great opportunity for a full-immersion,  life-changing experience into the science and art of permaculture design, whilst experiencing living and working on a farm and in an intentional community.   You can even get to practice your Spanish ...  see more in the leaflet, www.bit.ly/iPDC-8thLife


If you are unable to make the journey, you can take the course online and partner with one of the onsite students.  These basic courses now are the gateway to the longer Advanced Internships (up to Diploma level​), which are also our Teacher Training courses​.   More in the leaflet, www.bit.ly/iPDC-8thLife